A poem to be read out loud

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I’m not a feminist — but

I believe in equal pay for each working day.

I believe in equal rights. And take back the night — but

I’m not a feminist.

A girl should have every opportunity

At home, in school, and the community.

A woman should control. Her own body and soul — but

I’m not a feminist.

She’s not a feminist because

She shaves

And behaves —

At least most of the time.

He’s not a feminist because

He shaves

Sometimes behaves —

And men can’t be feminists, can they?

News 12 in Westchester County, NY, had a terrific story on important nonprofit organizations in the county that are led by women. The story featured one of my local heroes, Carola Bracco, the leader of Neighbors Link, based in Mount Kisco. The story commemorated Women’s History Month in March, but in truth, we should be celebrating the women of nonprofit organizations throughout the year. They are the ones who make the sector work.

The author shot this photo on the Highline, NYC.

The fact is, the nonprofit and voluntary sector as we know it today is overwhelmingly the product of women’s ingenuity and labor. According to Take the Lead…

Bruce didn’t always have a name. In the beginning he was just The Goose. And he was nasty — ‘assertive’ if it’s my brother talking. As far as I’m concerned, he still is. Nasty, I mean. (The goose, not my brother.) But ever since Bruce got a name, something’s changed in the way I feel about him. I like him now. This is how it happened:

My brother lives on a farm. At least it used to be a farm. Now it’s a lot of uncultivated land with pretty views, a pond full of beavers, assorted outbuildings, some chickens, a…

Claude and Maude: A Fractured Fairytale

The fairy godfather snickered, rubbing his hands together and stamping his toes lightly on the bough. Seeing that stuffed shirt of a prince waltzing around with Cinderella last night was galling, not to mention his ex — that bitch — setting herself up as a matchmaker. The judge had given her the tunic off his back. Now she was flying through fairy dust while he was living under an abandoned toadstool. But he would soon get even. His wings were aflutter with anticipation.

Meanwhile, Prince Smiles-A-Lot sat puzzling over the glass slipper. He turned…

June 27, 2020

Lisa Torres
Senior Membership Director
WNYC Radio

Dear Lisa Torres,

I have donated to WNYC in the past and probably will again. Before I do, however, I would like a response to a concern of mine that I have expressed previously via Twitter and your other social media pages. I am unsettled to hear ads for Facebook on NPR. I imagine that the ad revenue goes to NPR rather than WNYC, but your station is my ‘on-ramp’ to NPR so I am asking for justification from you.

I’m sure you and others at WNYC understand the…

I’m sick and tired of being a New Yorker held hostage by reactionary voters in the red states. The Democratic takeover of the House is a relief, but I continue to chafe knowing that a handful of people in rural Wyoming or North Dakota have more clout in the Senate than several million blue voters in New York City. And while a lot of people in low-tax red states scorn us for being ‘libtards’, they don’t mind being subsidized by blue-state tax dollars courtesy of the federal ‘tax and spend’ system. …

It’s difficult for youth organizations to attract and serve teens effectively. This is true for a number of reasons, some of them simply due to the stage of human development that these kids have entered.

Rather than do the hard work of attracting and engaging teenage boys — many of whom have a crying need for positive male role models — the Boy Scouts of America has taken the easy path to address their financial problems and decided to open up Cub Scouts to grade-school-age girls.

This not only could harm the Girl Scout organization, but it will likely negate…

Why Girl Scouts should have skipped the inaugural parade

I love the Girl Scouts. I spent nearly 20 years working for the organization, often serving as its national spokesperson, and I was always proud to do so. I was less than proud this week, though, when I heard that local Girl Scouts in Washington, D.C. had decided to march in the inaugural parade. Administrators rationalized this decision by saying that participating in the parade is a tradition and pointing out that the Girl Scout organization is not political. While it is true that the Girl Scouts does not take political stands, that is beside the point. …

Moses never made it to the Promise Land, but he led thousands of others across the dessert to reach there.

Susan B. never got to cast a legal ballot, but she paved the way for millions of other women to do so.

Martin never saw his dream fulfilled, but because of him Barack Obama became POTUS.

Hillary will never be president, but she has made it probable — not merely possible — for another woman to make it.

Each of us stands on the shoulders of giants. Thank you, Hillary Clinton, for boosting us so high on your shoulders. You…

Bonnie McEwan

“Everyday life is the primary terrain of social change.” — Silvia Federici

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